Invoice Finance

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What Is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance allows businesses to release cash tied up in their aged receivable account. Typically, the whole ledger is funded although there are several alternative providers who offer selective debtor and selective invoice finance. Factoring facilities provide both the advanced funding and credit control, on a disclosed basis with the client’s customers. Invoice Discounting facilities typically offer just the funding and can be either disclosed or on a confidential basis.
Business Funding Process

Benefits Of Invoice Finance

Improved Cashflow

No longer at the mercy of lengthy payment terms, borrowers can release the cash tied up in their invoices on delivery of goods/service.

Credit Insurance

Customer credit insurance is typically included within the facility.

Credit Control

Factoring facilities often take care of the credit control function, removing the hassle for businesses.


There is often flexibility which allows businesses to include as many/few customers within the facility that they wish.

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