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What is selective invoice finance vs confidential invoice discounting?

For several reasons, selective invoice finance differs from other types of invoice financing. For starters, you don’t have to agree to advance all of your bills; instead, you pick which ones you want to forward. Depending on your business demands, you may modify your cash flow status by selling single invoices or selecting a few at a time. Second, because you’re funding specific bills, you’re often given a larger advance. It’s fairly unusual for selective invoice finance to advance 100% of the invoice amount and then charge a fee, making transactions easier than invoice factoring or invoice discounting. Most significantly, with single invoice financing, the lender’s risk is based on your customers rather than your company, so it’s geared toward established enterprises that deal with creditworthy clients.


Invoice discounting businesses can unlock cash locked up in an unpaid invoice for a charge, allowing your company to collect a share of the funds without having to wait for the final client to pay. This procedure may give a significant financial boost when dealing with a huge invoice. You can retain control of your sales ledger and customer connections by using invoice discounting.


Despite the fact that fees are levied against the full turnover of the firm, traditional invoice discounters typically do not allow enterprises to get financing against their entire sales ledger. Setting up a selective invoice discounting service might take a lengthy time, up to several weeks.

Is it suitable for you?

In most cases, invoice discounting and factoring services are applied to the whole sales ledger. However, because businesses are continuously losing a percentage of their revenue, this may become costly. In this situation, invoice financing may not be the most cost-effective way to solve a cash flow issue. Selective invoice discounting, on the other hand, is an inexpensive and efficient option for many firms with seasonal variations or only one customer. Businesses that make B2B or B2G transactions, as well as seasonal businesses with inconsistent cash flow requirements, businesses that trade primarily with one customer, businesses that don’t want to commit to a long-term finance contract, and businesses that need a one-time cash flow injection to invest in a new product or service, are all good candidates for selective discounting.

Confidential Invoice Discounting

Confidential invoice discounting, often known as just invoice discounting, is a common strategy for increasing cash flow for firms with 30 to 120 day invoices. This type of invoice financing is completely secret, so you won’t have to tell your clients that you’re financing their invoices. You also have complete control over your sales ledger and may send out your own payment reminders. Confidential invoice discounting is a type of invoice financing that may be set up in a way that keeps customers and suppliers in the dark about the fact that money is being advanced against sales invoices before they are paid.

What are the benefits of Selective Invoice Financing?

Many organizations choose private invoice discounting because of the various advantages it may provide. The following are some of them:

  • Boosting Cash Flow

The advantages are mostly related to cash flow, which means that invoice finance is not intended for those who want monies that they will not be able to repay until a later date. It’s for companies who are doing well but can’t get their hands on the money they’re owed soon enough. As a result, these firms are able to be more nimble. They may swiftly generate income by delivering goods and services, which can then be utilized for a variety of purposes, including new investments and possibilities as well as regular monthly costs. Cash flow is one of the most difficult issues for SMEs, even the most successful ones, therefore it’s no wonder that invoice financing is so popular.

  • Maintaining customer relationships

This is especially useful for companies that want or need to incorporate invoice finance into their accounting but don’t want to change any of their existing relationships. If consumers learn that an invoice finance provider is being used, their perceptions of the company may change. Furthermore, alternative types of financing may imply that the finance provider is in charge of collections, although established firms are likely to have this under control. Naturally, invoice discounting comes at a price: there’s generally a service charge to support the facility’s management, followed by a small financing fee for each invoice. This finance cost is computed as interest and is paid when the client pays the money they owe and the invoice is settled.

How private invoice discounting may help your business:

  • Can advance funds for up to 90% of the amount of approved invoices
  • Funds can be advanced against fresh invoices the next business day
  • Bad debt protection is offered subject to our assessment of your debtors
  • Electronic payment requests and online access to your sales ledger information are necessary
  • Available in a variety of currencies

Is invoice discounting for you?

Finally, private invoice discounting is an excellent choice for firms that are selling their products and services effectively but are experiencing late or non-payments that are making things more difficult than they need to be. It won’t affect your connection with consumers, it’s usually quite inexpensive, and it doesn’t need a lot of negotiating and budgeting. Of course, as with any financial choice, you should seek advice from an independent adviser first – invoice discounting offers numerous advantages, but it isn’t for everyone.

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