Secured Business Loans

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What Is a Secured Business Loan?

Secured loans are typically of higher value and require the borrower to offer collateral for the funds lent. The security is usually a company asset (PPE) or a director’s personal property and typically results in a lower interest rate due to the decreased risk for the lender. Secured Business Loans are typically used for business growth activities, such as to cover the cost of new machinery, finance the purchase of commercial property or anything requiring significant amounts of upfront capital.
Business Funding Process

Benefits Of Secured Business Loans

Fixed Finance

Fixed repayment schedule and rates, the client knows the terms from the outset.

Higher Volume

Due to the collateral offered, the lenders are able to provide high volume loans.

Lower cost

With the security provided, the providers’ risk is smaller; as a result, the cost of finance is lower.

No Hidden Fees

There are typically no exit or early repayment fees included within the terms.

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