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Partner in Focus: Currencies Direct

Funding Bay has partnerships with a host of practices that can benefit our clients.  As part of the FundedClub we aim to create and foster a network between partners and clients alike. Funding Bay champions SME development, and by sharing our network with you, we can create an SME hub so that our clients can continue to grow and develop. We want to be more than just simply a funding solution, but a holistic service and guide for your business.

Today, we hear from Anjulie Patel from Currencies Direct.

What do you do?

Currencies Direct – one of Europe’s oldest and largest foreign exchange providers works extensively with businesses of all sizes helping them manage and mitigate the risk that is associated with dealing with multiple currencies, be this through simple rate regulation or looking at high-level currency risk management & hedging solutions.

Who is it that you can help the most?

Businesses that have international requirements whether this be supplier payments, payroll, global expansion, or overseas investment are looking at simplifying their process and reducing costs

Who is a stand-out company that you have helped recently?

Currencies Direct helped Vannin Healthcare Global make several payments to suppliers and clients – including a multimillion USD transfer. By using our services and benefiting from our competitive exchange rates and personalised account management, Vannin Healthcare Global estimates that they saved over £100k in early 2020. According to CEO Peter van Veen, both the company’s clients and the patients they support have benefited from our services as faster supply chain payments make for faster deliveries.

What is the cost of your product?

As an added benefit, Funding Bay clients will not be charged any transfer fees on FX transfers (this excludes batch payments)

How are you different from your competitors?

Currencies Direct was the first money transfer provider in Europe, established in 1996 now operating through 20+ branches across 4 continents and over 500 employees. We have helped 325,000+ customers with their foreign exchange requirements, transferring £7.5bn annually. Over 4 years between 2016-2020 we are proud to have been awarded the ‘Money Transfer Provider of the Year’ and possess a level 1 credit rating with Dun & Bradstreet.

Do you have a special offer for the Funding Bay FundedClub?

Currencies Direct will offer Funding Bay client’s a maximum 0.5% margin on all their FX trades, in addition to zero transfer fees.

Find out more about Currencies Direct here.

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