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How to Market Your Gym in Line with January Trends

How to Market Your Gym in Line with January Trends

January is an exciting time of the year for gyms. Thanks to the inevitable New Year’s Resolutions, 12% of all new gym memberships are made in the first month of the year.

It is crucial that gyms are aware of this January trend and set forward to market their gym in the right way in order to maximise profit.

Gyms and fitness centres will have various approaches to their marketing but by considering the following points they can ensure that their business is taking full advantage of the opportunities January trends can offer.

Consider increasing the marketing budget:

By increasing your marketing budget in January you should be able to raise awareness for your club and bring in new members. In order to compete in the crowded and competitive market of fitness studios, there are various marketing techniques.

  1. Make your website more user friendly. 54% of people look for business online, therefor by upgrading your website, you are attracting half of your potential audience.
  2. Improve SEO of your gym. By adding location services to your gym the public can find it more easily.
  3. Data-driven member acquisition. By investing to analyse the data and demographics of your gym and those likely to join, you are able to target the key audience with more effect.
  4. Digital media. By creating video content across social media accounts, prospective clients can see an insight into the gym and workouts. It is also a great way to engage with new members.
  5. Send out a weekly newsletter
  6. Offer promotions
  7. Start a referral programme
  8. Host an event

If funds are low, then why not consider an unsecured loan, which allows the business to secure finance without the need to put up collateral. Not only is a great tool for maintaining cash flow but can be more cost-effective than other forms of raising finance.

Offer approachable free trials:

Although gyms are always keen to welcome new members, it’s important to ensure that those trying out the facilities don’t feel forced to sign the dotted line, as this will often mean that the membership is cancelled soon after.

An approachable free trial allows those looking to make changes in the new year and ascertain how easy it is to meet their goals using your establishment, allowing for more long-term members as opposed to ones that may cancel their membership soon after signing up.

Ensure the premises meet members expectations:

When cash flow is tight, it can be difficult to update equipment and ensure the premises are in the best condition they can be, but those looking or committed members need to ensure that the gym meets the expectations of customers.

With the rush of new gym goers this month, you need to ensure that your gym has enough equipment to satisfy demand. In this case, asset finance might be worthwhile, for example, to cover the costs of a few more treadmills.

Of course, it’s important that the repayments of the business loan are realistic but raising finance to make some improvements to the premises could mean that gym memberships increase, which in turn means more profit for the business.

Ensure the Online Presence of the Business is Maintained

As well as ensuring the premises are meeting customer expectations, its also important to ensure that the online marketing side of the gym is also maintained.

Just as new gym memberships will be acquired by adverts, there will be others that should be able to find your business via the use of some keywords.

Ensuring the content of the website is optimised in the right way ensures that the traffic to the website increase, which in turn offers more opportunities to sell to prospective members.

Find a suitable lender to make sure you can invest in to making your gym great this January.


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