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Can you tell us a bit about Addesu, what you do and how you’ve grown?

We help brands increase their margins, by reducing the 52% (industry average) of wasted digital ad spend. We do this with our automated digital auditing and reporting, which offers brands actionable insights to quickly and simply improve performance. On average we can save a brand 20% of ad spend within two weeks, without impacting their revenue. Ultimately better performance is what equals better partnerships, and we always aim to hit the ground running.

We have grown by offering free automated ad audits for potential clients. Once highlighting improvement areas, we support the brands in carrying out actions to improve their ad performance. We have continued to focus on improving our onboarding and data pipelines to increase our efficiencies and effectiveness. As such we have been able to continue to grow our revenue without large increases in investment.

Our year-on-year growth to the end of July 2023 is 470% driven by a number of exciting clients such as Real Madrid, Derek Rose and Pockit.

What inspired and drove you to become an entrepreneur, and what was the pivotal moment that led you to start Addesu?

We were initially motivated by the huge amount of wasted time, spend and effort that we saw around us within the advertising industry.

Digital advertising is one of the least trusted professions in the world, often topping politicians in IPSOS MORI Veracity Index. This lack of trust is not a product of dishonesty, rather a result of a knowledge gap between brand and agency and a technically complex system that is constantly changing. 

A particularly troubling client at our previous agency, left those working on the account burnt out. It was a relationship that had started bad and got worse, ultimately, leaving the client and agency licking their wounds. It was what inspired us to conceptualise Addesu, a platform that would enable brands and agencies to have thriving partnerships.

How did you finance your business?

We raised a pre-seed round, and have made use of the British Business Bank Start Up Loans. Beyond this we looked to focus on growing our revenue base as quickly as possible so that we could achieve profitability and security. We will look to do further rounds, however, these will be for the tactical deployment of resources.

What sets Addesu appart from others in the indusrty?

Our one-click reporting set-up across most advertising and analytics platforms means that our customers get access to enterprise-level cross-channel reporting without needing any developers or data scientists, or in-depth platform knowledge. 

Typically making decisions on pushing money into Google, Meta or TikTok can be tough, especially when account managers at the platforms will typically recommend increasing spend via them. Addesu’s reporting alongside our independent advisors allows our customers to make decisions reflective of their true performance and not those that benefit the ad platforms.

What would you say are the key elements for growing a business in the UK?

One of the most important things is understanding and planning your path to profitability, doing this will afford you the luxury of less pressured decision-making. Beyond this, resilience is perhaps more important than anything else. There are plenty of hard times, and recognising this and developing a plan to overcome them is crucial.

There are plenty of hard times, and recognising this and developing a plan to overcome them is crucial.

Fred Maude and Jack Carr

Co-Founders - Addesu

How do you stay ahead of these changing trends to ensure your business remains relevant and competitive?

The biggest change in our industry is the rapid proliferation of AI, which is rapidly changing workflows. It also means customers are expecting quicker task turnarounds, alongside increased levels of servicing. We focus on three key areas to ensure we keep ahead of the game, and ensure we meet growing demands:

  • Trusted Partners – We reached out to our trusted partners and spoke to them about our new AI pilots, and offered them free proof of concepts so we can test and learn together before rolling out our paid versions. 
  • Internal Process – We constantly test new AI tools, including getting on Betas for GPT-4 and Notion AI. We have built our data pipeline with AI at the centre, so it is quick and easy to fit AI into our existing system.
  • Internal Training – We encourage our entire team to learn and develop their AI management. We offer prizes internally for the best use of AI on a bi-weekly basis. We monitor the effectiveness of these tools already saving us +£1k a month.

We will continue to adopt the latest technology, thereby ensuring we can meet customers’ growing expectations.

What's next for Addesu?

We have our first AI-driven tool coming out of alpha.

This product is an ad copy and product translation tool. The prototype will allow customers to automatically translate ad copy and product titles, without anything beyond the one-click platform link up already used for reporting. Their ads are optimised using the latest search trends, which are fed into the ads seamlessly, ensuring constantly evolving copy in a language. 

We can then roll these ads out automatically allowing our customers to easily expand internationally without the need for expensive consultants and technology. Early tests are showing up to 92% growth in advertising revenue, meaning it is definitely time to try it out.

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