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What Is Equity Finance?

Equity Finance is the area of finance where businesses raise investment capital in exchange for a % ownership stake. This can be done via angel investors, crowdfunding platforms or VC funds. The world of equity finance comes in many shapes and sizes. Crowdfunding platforms have massively increased businesses’ access to angel investors whilst seed/VC funds remain a major part of the equity ecosystem offering typically £250k-£20m to high potential start-ups.
Business Funding Process

Benefits Of Equity Finance

No dividends

For early stage businesses, it is rare that investors expect dividends.


investors often bring with them a vast book of connections which can be...


Angel investors often take a seat on the company’s board, offering their expertise to grow the business.

No repayment

There is no obligation to repay the amount invested and ongoing interest charges.

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Truly understanding the customer makes Funding Bay different. We build long term relationships and ensure that we continue to support clients well into the future.
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We help businesses access a wide range of alternative finance products. We know who’s who and what’s what in the market. We find you the right funding meaning you can look after the day to day running of your business.
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