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Check Out These 5 Small Businesses Using Eye-Catching Advertising

Vibrant, eye-catching advertising can make the world of difference to small businesses. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 5 amazing small businesses using eye-catching advertising!

Thursday Dating Club

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Thursday is a dating app with a difference – it only opens on Thursdays. Users can go to exclusive events (in London), or they can just log on and chat one day a week. It’s an interesting marketing hook, making it stand out among many other dating apps.

Thursday has caught the attention of a flurry of social media users due to their eye-catching campaigns. Their tongue-in-cheek ventures include having their brave interns sit in a busy London square with a sign exclaiming ‘Got dumped. Fancy a date on Thursday?’, or even a real life camel with a sign ‘Happy Hump Day. See you on Thursday.’

Their campaigns and PR stunts have caught fast attention and the dating app has amassed a huge following.

My Little Eco Shop

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Competing with the likes of Lush and The Body Shop is a challenge, but My Little Eco Shop has developed a dedicated following on social media, which is something to be applauded.

Their website offers a huge range of eco-friendly beauty products, with discounts and voucher codes prominently displayed on their website and social media channels. They use simple, eye-catching logos to communicate that their products are environmentally friendly, and this messaging continues into their informative blog posts. 

They offer £10 vouchers to customers who upload videos or images of themselves using the products on social media, which is a really simple way of drawing in new customers!


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Evermade showcases the work of some incredibly talented artists. It’s a great example of allowing the products to speak for themselves: the website is packed with large, bold images, with minimal distractions.

This theme is carried through to their social media marketing, with their Instagram account in particular showcasing the work of each artist. It’s a sleek, bold look that is bound to draw in art lovers from across the globe.


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Here’s an amazing example of how to do Instagram marketing! Dogsnug is the best place to go for stylish animal accessories, but it stands out from the competition by utilizing cute, bold, colourful images on their social media accounts.

This clean, bold look continues through to their website, which is incredibly easy to navigate. They offer some useful content for dog owners too, in the form of instructional blogs, with links back to appropriate products.

Something Elsie

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Another great example of Instagram advertising! Something Elsie, an eclectic vintage store based in Bristol, doesn’t have a website, so it relies purely on social media to entice new customers. There’s a strong colour theme here, and the old-school logo is a great draw for customers who want to shop vintage.

The products they choose to display on Instagram fit the theme, and they offer behind-the-scenes glimpses of running a small business on their Instagram stories, which is a great way of building trust and familiarity with potential customers.

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